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Uncommitted 24: Episode 4, Class of 2023: DSLR's 1st 24 Uncommitted Junior Recruits

Welcome to episode 4 of the Uncommitted 24 presented by Team 24 Lacrosse where today we are going to take our first look at the 2023 class introducing the initial 24 uncommitted players from our region. September 1st is finally upon us and phones are starting to ring! We have taken a long hard look at the junior class from all over our 9 states to determine who might be receiving offers as soon as the open period began at 12:01 this morning. This is not a ranking of any sort, it is simply a list of kids who we have seen play and have proven to us that they have the talent to compete on the college level. There is a ton of great players in the Deep South from the 2023 class so let's get right into who we like that we have seen play well over the last 12 months of lacrosse:

Attack (5):

Maddox Johnson (A/M) from Ponte Vedra High School FL, Sweetlax National, Sweetlax Florida - Maddox is blazing fast and really smooth with the ball, laser rocket shot, but that speed is really something else. He is certainly a skilled finisher having notched 50+ goals in his sophomore season at Ponte Vedra this spring. Everyone loves speed and athleticism, Johnson will be absolutely coveted by whatever college he chooses to attend.

Alex Lobel from Roswell High School GA, Thunder (Dual-Sport Athlete runs Cross Country at Roswell) - Lobel and fellow junior Hill Plunkett (Army commit) have quite the chemistry going on the attack lines for Roswell and Thunder, in club games we have seen, Plunkett will usually initiate off dodge from x and Lobel knows how to get open below 10 and finish, finish, finish. Very athletic and capable with ball as well, one of the most dynamic players from the south in the 2023 class that we have seen. Expecting an announcement sooner rather than later.

Ethan Rubenstein from The Taft School CT (formerly at Pine Crest School FL), Sweetlax Florida, Israel Lacrosse - Rubenstein is an absolute force of nature on the lacrosse field. High energy, constant motion, nonstop effort and grind, a real gritty throwback type player who plays with a reckless abandon for his own body whether it be on the ride or diving gracefully through the air for a shot on goal before getting absolutely pounded by D-poles. This kid has the "IT" factor. First thing I noticed earlier this year at U.S. Club Nationals (after not seeing Ethan play since his early teens) was the respect his teammates had for him, you can tell he is the leader of that Sweetlax '23 team just by seeing how his teammates interact with him. Then you see how much respect Ethan's opponents have for his game and you begin to realize just what a special athlete we have created here. Every coach in the country should be ringing his phone today. This is probably the most well put together 2023 we have seen from the south this year.

Ethan Schlam from NSU University School FL, True Florida, Team 24 - Schlam has really stepped up his game over the last few years, very comfortable working from x dodging and inverting, might not have the fastest 40 time on the team, but uses his speed very deceptively, in bursts, to create separation, and he doesn't need much room to make things happen. Hard, heavy and accurate outside shot, but loves to finish inside. Offhand is getting nearly as strong as dominant hand. Skies the limit for Ethan who has obviously been putting in some serious work and should be ready to find a good fit now that we are in the open period.

Jack Schulte from Saint Andrews School FL, Sweetlax National, Sweetlax Florida - Jack does pretty much everything well, a real smooth operator on the field. He led Saint Andrews in scoring last season en route to winning the State Championship. Spent a good portion of 2021 playing Attack, but is just as effective at Midfield. Fast, quick cuts, great feet, really twists up defenders when he gets shifty. Excellent finisher but also a great feeder. Don't think he will be out there for very long, he looks like the real deal.

Midfield (8):

James Canipe from Greater Atlanta Christian School GA, Thunder, FCA Upstate - Canipe is a transfer from Victor, NY and you can really see the upstate influence in James' game, he plays fast and hard leaving it all out there. Possesses a heavy shot helping him to lead GAC in scoring with 40 goals as a sophomore last season.

James Cardillo from Middle Creek High School NC, Team 91 National, Team 91 Carolina, True National Black - good vision can bury it himself or dish to the open teammate, likes to possess and draw slides so he can feed off of that.

Jordan Faison from Pine Crest School FL, Team 91 Long Island Bandits, (Dual-Sport Athlete playing Varsity Football at Pine Crest) - Faison is a phenomenal athlete with lightning fast speed, he is a high energy player capable of making big plays on both sides of the field. Jordan has been a starter in both football and lacrosse since freshman season. A true competitor he wanted to play club ball for the best team in the country, so he went up to Long Island to tryout, meeting the challenge and earning a spot on the juggernaut Team 91 LI Bandits. You gotta love a kid with this kind of drive. His hard work paid off too as playing against some of the best competition in the country has definitely raised Jordan's game. In the classroom he's all honors with nearly flawless grades. We may have a potential dual sport college athlete right here.

Griffin Moore from Winter Park High School FL, Sweetlax Krakens, Always Sunny - Griffin is a shifty dodger whose quick cuts helps him create separation from defenders. Strong on defense and can help in transition.

Ricky Savage (M/A) from Saint Edwards School FL, Dukes LC - We feel Ricky doesn't get the kind of recognition as a lot of others do on this list, but that shouldn't be the case, this kid is a legitimate baller, crazy athletic, good fundamentals. Does so many little things right on the field and has a motor that never stops. Great outside shot, good vision, feeding ability, excellent dodger, not easy to beat on the defensive end either. Someone is going to get a steal when they get his verbal.

Brooks Van Esselstyn from May River High School SC, True National, Break-Thru (Dual-Sport Athlete plays Basketball at May River) - Brooks has good size and is a great athlete who uses his quickness when dodging to facilitate offensive opportunities, he has good vision and can finish or feed well. Great teammate who does a good job supporting his. Fierce defender who can also get the ball back across with his speed and stick handling ability. Good motor, definitely the kind of Midfielder you want on your side. Van Esselstyn is a transplant from Maryland where he had a stick in his hands from an early age. Led May River in points his freshman year.

Nigel Vital (M/SSDM) from Pine Crest School FL, USA U-16 National Development Team, Sweetlax National, Sweetlax Florida - Nigel is a 2 way middie who is a freak athlete with incredible speed. Played more of a defensive role as a freshman, but really showed off his 2 way ability at Pine Crest in 2021 showing off a hard, accurate shot that he likes to crank from outside. Not scared to pay the price either, witnessed him bury multiple outside shots while getting pounded by a pole and Vital just smiled and celebrated the goal each time.

Koby White from Lake Mary High School FL, Sweetlax Florida - fast and physical 2 way middie with good finishing ability, dangerous shooter on the run.

Face-Off (3):

Carson Hall from Harrison High School GA, Thunder National, Faceoff Academy - uses smaller size effectively exiting very quickly on clean wins and making fast decisions, really grinds it out, tough and gritty. Want to see him play more but witnessed him battle enough to know he is special.

Scott "S.K." Moore (FO/M) from Jesuit High School Tampa FL, 3d Florida, The Faceoff Academy - Scott is a very athletic midfielder who thrives at the face-off dot, he has some pretty nice hands and quick feet which makes him a major threat to pull it out cleanly and start a fast break.

Myles Quandt (FO/M) from Roswell High School GA, Thunder, Faceoff Academy (Dual Sport Athlete runs Cross Country at Roswell) - Quick hands and fast feet make Quandt extremely dangerous when he wins a draw clean. Seems athletic enough to be a choice to stay on after the face-off.

Defense/LSM (3):

Luke Lowery (LSM) from Ponte Vedra High School FL (formerly at Providence School of Jacksonville FL), Sweetlax National, Sweetlax Florida - another special player coming out of the Ponte Vedra program. Lowery has been playing varsity lacrosse since the 6th grade at ESJ, no joke. A talented pole with good size who will be successful on the next level.

Karter Williams (D/LSM) from William A. Hough High School NC, 91 Charlotte, Team Carolina - big tall defender who is constantly trying to disrupt ball carriers with his long reach and quickness. Love to see him press out and make the man try to beat him.

Bobby Windesheim (D) from Salisbury School CT (formerly at St. Thomas Aquinas High School FL), Sweetlax National, Sweetlax Florida (Multi-Sport Athlete who plays Varsity Football and Soccer at Salisbury) - Bobby is really on a level all his own, a big menacing defender who always seems to be making big plays. Surprisingly good hands, he is very dangerous with the ball in his stick. He is a smooth operator, making difficult plays look effortless. Can face-off with a pole and compete. Windesheim is a real impact player who should make an immediate difference at the next level.

Goaltending (5):

Oliver Buch Peters from Charlotte Catholic High School NC, 91 Charlotte, True Charlotte, True National Black (Varsity Wrestler at Charlotte Catholic) - at 6'5" 200+ Peters fills the cage well, he moves great for a big man and has very quick reflexes on shots which is likely helped by his wrestling experience. Need to see him more but definitely liked what we saw in a limited time.

Tyler Merchant from Perkiomen School PA (formerly at Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, FL and W.B. Plant High School FL), Thunder National, 3d Florida, STS Tampa Tarpons - Tyler is another favorite '23 goaltender of ours, love to see him work his magic in tight and rob shooters from up close. Very poised, always seems in control. Makes good decisions and good outlets in transition. If you haven't looked at him yet, make sure you do.

Anderson Moore from Briarwood Christian School AL, 3d Georgia - You should know the name Anderson Moore from Dixie Lax Talk, if you don't you should go follow them immediately. Moore is one of the top 2023 goaltenders in the nation in what is being considered a pretty strong goalie class. Birmingham should be very proud of this kid as he is the first Inside Lacrosse 5 star recruit out of the state of Alabama ever. Very poised in net, quick hands help him make difficult saves cleanly, does well commanding his defense, he is very strong moving around outside of the cage and makes good crisp outlet passes to spark transition. His phone was probably ringing at midnight.

Landon Whitney from Trinity-Pawling School NY (formerly at Starr's Mill High School GA), Thunder National, 3d Georgia, Team Eighteen, Goaliesmith - the lefty has quick reflexes in net and makes good plays helping turn the ball upfield. Haven't seen him since he transferred to NY but can only assume he has had good progression since he has been playing in the north.

Brayson "Goose" Wilson from Cannon School NC, 91 Charlotte, Team Carolina, Igloo, Team Carolina, Dukes LC (Multi-Sport Athlete who plays Varsity Football and Soccer at Cannon) - Great athlete, Wilson is a highly coveted '23 in a really good goalie class. Makes incredible saves look easy thanks to good reflexes and quick hand-speed, turns it around quickly on the clear game. Good, consistent performer who controls his defense and will be a good value to whatever program he commits to.

Some will be committing very soon, some not for awhile, listen to your gut, if you got the offer of your dreams and you know it, go ahead and commit, if you're not sure, be patient, let time help your consideration process. Good Luck 2023s! Check back in soon to catch the next wave of '23 players who show up in episode 5 of the Uncommitted 24.

Uncommitted 24 prepared by Larry Palumbo

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Article released on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 @ 05:00 EST All rights reserved, 2021 copyright by Deep South Lax Report

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