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Class of 2025 Top 5 Recruits Announced

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

With the NCAA open period rapidly approaching on September 1 it is finally time for DSLR to take a deep look at our best players from the Class of 2025. Let's kick it off with our Top 5 juniors who are now ready to be recruited. Please keep checking back on DSLR this week as we plan to release Top 24 and Top 50 lists while also mentioning hundreds of other recruits!


Christopher Alexis


Salisbury School in Connecticut

STX Sponsored Athlete

Sweetlax Navy

Sweetlax Florida

Sweetlax Leatherbacks

Team 91 Titans

Snipers Lacrosse

Lax Mafia


Dynamic. Blazing fast 2-way middle. A real difference maker. Shifty with the ball and creative getting it on cage. If he decides he’s taking it to the rack you won’t stop him. Hard to shake on defense, even if you get a step on him he will close that in the blink of an eye. Did we already say he possesses absolutely game changing speed yet? Probably need to mention it twice since he’s THAT fast. Has been the go to guy on his Sweetlax teams for many years, often being the kid to get the ball when they need a big goal late in the game. He doesn’t use his offhand very often so development there would make him even more special if that’s even possible. Christopher's phone should be ringing off the hook at midnight Thursday night into Friday morning as he was ranked by NLF as the #2 recruit nationally in the 2025 class.


Luke Danna


Orchard Park High School in NY

The Woodlands High School in TX

Creekside High School in St. Johns, FL

Sweetlax Upstate

Florida Crabs

Sweetlax Florida

FC Crush Lacrosse

Florida Generals

North Florida Stars

Team Florida (National All-Star Games)

Such a great shooter on the run, Luke's speed is difficult to match and once he gets a step on his defender and those hands get free, he will rip a hard shot that is usually well placed. Dangerous shooter from topside and the alleys while being an equally dangerous feeder from below GLE. His athleticism stretches defenses and he can really test goalies with his ability to rip corners. Danna also plays WR and DB for the varsity football team at Orchard Park High School. Originally out of the Jacksonville area, Luke has bounced around through high school moving to Houston and then Buffalo since his freshman year at Creekside. Danna resembles a young Connor Fields who grew up in Buffalo and went on to play at D1 UAlbany. You might’ve heard of Fields as he still plays professionally for the Archers in the PLL and the Rochester Knighthawks of the NLL. Can’t wait to see how Upstate New York will influence Luke’s game and hope to see him play box lacrosse for development which is common around Buffalo. Luke may have a long future in lacrosse as his father has spent the last decade coaching in the NFL so we could envision him coaching sooner or later as well. Danna certainly will receive a lot of attention when the NCAA open period begins as he was ranked by NLF as the #45 recruit nationally in the 2025 class.


Pierce Montes


Oak Hall School in Gainesville, FL Florida Crabs

Sweetlax Florida

Florida Generals

Team Florida (National All-Star Games)

In a year where lefty finishers are scarce, Pierce has the potential to be one of the most exciting playmakers in the 2025 class. You might desire more size but you really won’t mind with Montes since he is tough as nails. High energy Attackman who uses contact to his advantage when dodging and rolling. Quick change of directions shake even the best defenders in the country who struggle to stay on his hands. Montes works equally hard without the ball, always in motion, cutting, looking for feeds while setting up picks when the opportunity is there. Really understands where to go on the field to create offense. His vision both with and without the ball are incredible for a high school junior. Real good finisher and feeder who will give you everything he has on the ride and doesn’t fall asleep when it’s time to back up a shot. Very strong lacrosse IQ thanks to his dad who is absolutely one of the best x’s and o’s coaches in Florida. Like #2 recruit and friend Luke Danna, we are hoping Montes might have a bright future coaching when he is done playing. He certainly loves the game, you can see that from a mile away. Will make a positive impact on any program he joins.


Jameson “Jake” Meyer


Wesleyan School in Peachtree Corners, GA

USA U-18 Team

Nations Best

3d Georgia

Hilltop Lax

Nation United

NLL Jr. Swarm

Heavy shot from the outside and smooth hands in tight make Meyer a threat from anywhere. You can see the influence box lacrosse has on his game giving him the ability to make quick decisions and use both hands even from far out. Has nice shooting form especially righty and uses his 6’2” frame to generate a lot of velocity. Absorbs contact on the dodge and redirects with good shot/pass vision. Uses his size well on the ride to force the ball carrier to move it. Will be lots of big time NCAA opportunities out there for such a hard working kid. Coaches love size and hands! Meyer was ranked by NLF as a top 75 recruit nationally in the 2025 class.



Zachary Rosenberg


St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL NSU University School in Davie, FL

Team 91 Maryland Fire

FLX Crabs

Stealth Legacy

Team South (All-American Games)

Team Florida (National All-Star Games)


All energy all the time, emotional leader who brings a positive vibe to his team. Vocal in cage choreographing his defense as if he’s in a chess match with the opponent’s offense and can even be heard directing traffic on the other side of midfield. Quick hands, excellent form and great positioning make Zachary one of the most dominant and consistent goaltenders in the class and our top 2025 goalie. Very hard to beat him from deep but also has the knack for making multiple saves from in tight. Doesn’t seem to tire and has been making high caliber saves look like muffins since his youth. Can see the field well on the clear and throws some nice crisp outlets passes. Smart and agile enough to spark transition with his legs when it’s available. Shows aggressiveness attacking passes near his cage and busts it towards the end line when shots go wide. Great lacrosse IQ, Rosenberg is a real student of the game and you can see his passion for lacrosse in the way he plays. Doesn’t seem to shy away from challenge. All honors and excellent grades should make his phone ring early and often.


Keep viewing our website as we will be releasing the rest of the Top 24 on Tuesday and will also continue to deliver more and more names of junior recruits throughout the month of September.

Uncommitted Top 5 prepared by Larry Palumbo

Uncommitted Top 5 powered by Team 24 Lacrosse, who provide skills camps, strengthening programs, specialized training and tournament play in Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale and Upstate New York. Learn more at

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Article released on Sunday, August 27, 2023 @ 07:30 EST

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