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South Broward '21 Deondre Brown commits to play lacrosse at Chowan University

South Broward '21 defenseman Deondre Brown has committed to play college lacrosse at Chowan University. Deondre is fairly new to lacrosse which is not so uncommon especially in the Deep South where competition to play other high school sports like football, basketball and baseball can be met with incredible competition and various other roadblocks. Brown was driven and training to be a basketball player but became frustrated with a lack of direction and a dwindling path to his next level. That's when God intervened and put lacrosse in his life. In our sport he found the mentors he was seeking, and his new mentors put him on a path to further his education while also being a student athlete. He has emerged himself in the game of lacrosse, watching as much film as possible, and wouldn't let his lack of stick skills discourage him at first. At 6'1", 190 pounds, Brown runs a 4.6 in the 40 yard dash and has used local pickup games and club lacrosse with FCA Broward to help develop his skills and increase his lacrosse IQ. Like any good athlete he persevered through those early failures and was eventually contacted by over 40 colleges about pursuing his education and playing lacrosse. He finally selected Chowan and is excited about their strong sports management program, while also feeling comfortable with their coach and lacrosse program. It will be interesting to watch Deondre's development as he gets himself ready to compete in Conference Carolinas starting in 2022.

Article written by Larry Palumbo, released on Monday, July 27, 2020 @ 08:00 EST

Photo credits: Courtesy of Deondre Brown

All rights reserved, 2020 copyright by Deep South Lax Report

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